Artemis has been designed to accurately locate mobile telephones in the challenging airborne SAR environment. The system is designed to maximize the ability to detect a phone at extended ranges and to provide unique capabilities whilst minimising crew workload.

Artemis offers a solution giving fast and accurate location, where previously the only option was "looking out of the window".


Artemis uses a Software Defined Radio and cellular protocol stacks designed and developed by Smith Myers and optimized for the SAR role.




  • 25km or more range

  • Low profile passive antennas

  • Location without DF equipment.

  • Send and Receive Texts/ Calls

  • Easily integrated into existing avionics

  • Role fit option

  • 28V DC fully protected mil spec PSU

  • Radio Software Defined and Upgradeable

  • Web browser user interface.

  • Arinc 600 case, 7 MCU (227x198x323mm).

  • Flight tested and approved (DO 160G/Mil STD 810G).


30 years of cellular engineering design experience give Smith Myers a unique advantage in producing a system that offers accuracy, reliability and ease of use to an industry that demands the very best that technology can offer. 


Smith Myers’ auto triangulation algorithm achieves impressive accuracy compared to the inherent resolution offered by the protocol itself.

Audio and Text communication is also possible. Flight tests have successfully located and communicated with test mobiles at ranges in excess of 25km.

Embedded mapping with simple clear D.I. display gives the operator a clear indication of target location.

Location information can be used to drive an external camera.

Artemis is a scalable solution. From a high power fully certified system for manned aircraft, to a compact low power 500g hand held device, and all sizes in between including an IP 67 rated device for UAVs 

Same software, different hardware, same quality.





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